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Woher kommen Inspiration und Enttäuschung? (Hörbuch)

Das erste Hörbuch über Inspiration und Enttäuschung. Mehr Informationen zum Buch Wie vor Was finden Sie hier.

Das Buch ist auf dem Arkana Verlag / Randomhouse erschienen.

Wie vor Was Buch

Where Do Inspiration and Disillusionment Come From?

Many people who have attended a meditation seminar or come into contact with the topic of meditation for the !rst time are enthusiastic and full of inspiration. They firmly decide to meditate every day from now on, or at least three times a week. Most manage to do so, too … for about four days. Others keep it up for several weeks. Then the habits of everyday life gradually, imperceptibly take over again and the good resolutions are watered down, covered over, crumble or simply fade away.